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2017 Tax Season Promotion

Do you want your taxes done by a professional without overpaying?  Are you tired of not knowing what your tax return will actually cost when all is said and done?

You can have a CPA prepare your tax return for a fixed fee that won’t break the bank.  Stambaugh Tax and Accounting is NOT a national chain.  We are a local firm that specializes in resolving tax problems for our clients, whether that’s preparing a tax return, or negotiating with the IRS.

With us you know your return will be prepared by a CPA with tax preparation experience for a price you agree to up front.  On top of a CPA, Stambaugh Tax and Accounting also has the experience of a tax lawyer who has been resolving tax problems for residents of Central Pennsylvania for 15 years.  You can rest assured that your taxes are being prepared by professionals with your best interests in mind.

So what do we charge?  Unlike the national firms, we will not hide our prices from you.  Our 2017 tax year promotion is:

There are a few things that we charge extra for.  For example, if you need us to compile tax records for you using bank statements, receipts, etc. that will be an additional fee.  If you need us to pull transcripts from the IRS to determine your income, that will be an extra fee as well.  We also reserve the right to charge more if you bring in the information for your return shortly before the April 18th deadline.  These are all changes in price that will be discussed up front with you before work begins.  We will not wait until your return is prepared to tell you what it will cost.

We hope it goes without saying, but at Stambaugh Tax and Accounting, we will ensure that you are taking full advantage of the deductions and credits available to you.

And we want to do more for you than just prepare your return!

After we prepare your 2016 return, we will alert you of any ways that you can potentially reduce your tax liability for next tax season, free of charge.  The tax code often offers opportunities to avoid tax through deductions and credits if advance planning is done.

We take pride in preparing returns for both individuals and businesses. Whether you are an individual wage earner, have a small business, are in a partnership, or own a corporation, we can meet your tax preparation needs.

If you have accounting needs beyond just the preparation of your tax return, Stambaugh Tax and Accounting also offers other accounting services.