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Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

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Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Simplify Your Financials with Expert Bookkeeping Services

Experience hassle-free financial management with outsourced bookkeeping services that cover you from A to Z. We’re not just about numbers – we’re here to help you use the numbers to make good decisions. Let us handle the details so you can focus on growing your business with ease!

QuickBooks™ Accounts, Setup, and Support

Our professional bookkeepers specialize in QuickBooks™, providing you with seamless integration and ongoing support for efficient financial transactions.

Detailed Financial Statements

With our detailed approach to creating comprehensive financial statements, you can gain clear insights into your business's financial health and performance.

Cash Flow Monitoring

We handle all aspects of cash flow management, from tracking expenses to monitoring accounts receivable so you can manage your finances effectively, optimizing cash flow and minimizing financial risks.

Outsourced Payroll Processing

Our professional bookkeepers manage payroll transactions seamlessly, saving time and ensuring payroll accuracy.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Our experts handle all aspects of financial record-keeping, from accounts payable to accounts receivable, providing cost savings and peace of mind.

Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

Streamline your payment processes and ensuring timely collections. Our professional bookkeepers manage accounts receivable efficiently, maximizing cash flow and minimizing outstanding balances.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Our professional bookkeepers handle all aspects of reconciliation, ensuring that your financial transactions are properly recorded and reconciled.

Monthly Financial Reporting and Analysis

Our experts provide comprehensive financial reporting, analyzing financial data to identify trends and opportunities for cost savings and growth, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Benefits of Outsourced Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Focus on Growth, Not Numbers

From detailed financial statements to streamlined cash flow monitoring, our clients benefit from our deep understanding of the intricacies of bookkeeping. At Stambaugh Tax Law & Accounting, our seasoned team of experts brings unparalleled industry expertise in bookkeeping to our valued clients.

We use our expertise to help you optimize the information that your accounting system provides.  The goal is to create relevant, timely information that you can use to evaluate your business’s performance and make financial decisions that align with your goals.

We will be with you every step of the way to coach you on how to get the most out of the financial information we create.  Information is only as good as your ability to use it!

With Stambaugh, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands, allowing you to save more, worry less, and prosper with peace of mind.

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Our Process

Here's How We Do It

We customize our bookkeeping services to align perfectly with your business’s unique requirements. Our team is your dedicated bookkeeping support, empowering your financial decision-making process.

Step 1

Understanding Your Business

We take the time to understand your business inside and out, identifying any specific needs or challenges you may face while gathering the necessary documents to ensure accurate bookkeeping.

Step 2

Expert Support

Our experienced advisors simplify complex accounting processes, providing you with the knowledge and confidence needed to manage your finances effectively. By leveraging our expertise, you can save valuable time, reclaiming up to 5 hours per week.

Step 3

Customized Bookkeeping Solutions

We craft tailored bookkeeping plans to suit your unique business needs, ensuring accurate financial records and streamlined processes. Whether it’s organizing your accounts, managing expenses, or optimizing cash flow, we prioritize your financial success every step of the way.

Take Control of Your Finances Today!

Discover Peace of Mind with Stambaugh by Your Side

Our tailored solutions and expert guidance empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve your financial goals. Experience the difference with Stambaugh, and let us help you navigate your financial journey with confidence and ease.

What Clients Are Saying About Stambaugh

"By far the easiest, stress-free experience I've had in doing my taxes! Allen was incredibly helpful in explaining my taxes, answering all the questions I asked him, and gave me suggestions for next year's taxes. I will definitely be coming back next year!"
Brandon Schmidt
"Knowledgeable, professional and personalized service for individuals and businesses. I've been a client for years and have been consistently impressed with the extra mile they go to help me succeed."
Wes Moss
"This was our first time using a tax filing service. Allen and staff were professional, efficient and timely. Explanations of our returns were through and understandable in our face-to-face meeting. Advice on giving strategies for the future were welcome. We’re happy customers!"
Bill Stine

Frequently Asked Questions

What Outsourced Bookkeeping Services does Stambaugh offer?

We provide a range of accounting and bookkeeping services tailored to meet your specific needs. This includes financial statement preparation, payroll processing, expense tracking, and more.

Yes, Stambaugh’s bookkeeping team is QuickBooks® Certified. We’re committed to offering the highest level of expertise, which includes maintaining up-to-date certifications. For more details, feel free to inquire during your free bookkeeping consultation.

Absolutely. Our services are designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes. We understand the unique challenges small businesses face and can tailor our approach to suit your requirements and help you save on overhead costs.

The frequency of bookkeeping updates and financial statements is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We prioritize close collaboration with our clients to provide timely, relevant updates that keep you well-informed about your financial health. Whether you require monthly, quarterly, or custom interval updates, we ensure you have the insights you need to make informed decisions for your business.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks to Stambaugh allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Benefits include access to a team of experts who ensure your financials are accurate and up-to-date, cost savings compared to hiring an in-house team, enhanced financial reporting that aids in decision-making, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your accounting is in professional hands.

Whether you have tax problems, need help with tax return preparation, or managing accounting for your business, we have a framework to support your needs. We provide services for:


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