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Tax Problems or Financial Challenges?

Stambaugh Has Your Back

Here at Stambaugh Tax Law & Accounting, we’re dedicated to your financial well-being and business success. We think every business owner, like you, should have access to clear financial insights to help you make the right decisions. Our goal? To be your expert guide, bringing clarity and confidence to your financial management journey.

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Expert Tax Law and CPA Solutions

Unlock Your Financial Potential

We’re here to offer a steady hand in navigating financial matters and providing reliable support for businesses. With over 20 years of experience as business owners ourselves, we’ve been there, done that, and helped numerous companies and individuals—just like you—better understand their finances.   But don’t just take our word for it – see how we operate. 
  • We have resolved over $100,000,000 of tax problems for our clients.
  • We ensure access to a dedicated CPA without additional charges.
  • We empower businesses to save money and streamline their financial reporting.
  • We’ve proudly operated as a family-owned firm since 2000.
  • We provide a comprehensive suite of accounting and tax services for streamlined financial management, as unique as the clients we serve.

"The staff at Stambaugh Law and Accounting are always courteous, professional and knowledgeable. From tax law to tax filing to payroll, working with this team is the best business decision I ever made."

Merle Norman Cosmetics & Spa

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Don’t Let Taxes and Accounting Be a Thorn in Your Side

We are here to help you navigate financial challenges caused by the tax code or your accounting department (or lack thereof). We leverage the expertise of a seasoned tax attorney and a CPA to give you the best team possible.

Our way of doing things is all about offering solutions that match your specific challenges. We offer three interrelated core tax and accounting services to our clients:

Tax Resolution

Tax issues come in all shapes and sizes. Our tax attorney can help you find a resolution that fits your specific problem. You may think your situation is the only of its kind, but chances are we’ve helped others with similar issues over the last 20 years.

Tax Preparation

We stay up to date on the latest tax law changes, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to help take advantage of the code this year and plan for next year.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping that’s the foundation for your financial stability and growth.

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Our Process

Here's How We Do It

Whether you have tax problems, need help with tax return preparation, or managing accounting for your business, we have a framework to support your needs.

Step 1

Get to Know Your Situation

We spend time with you to get to know what you need.

Step 2

Tailored Solutions

Once we understand your situation, we use our expertise to craft a solution that fits your specific needs. Every tax resolution case, every business, and every tax planning opportunity is different.

Step 3

Boost Your Success

We create custom plans for your financial success, whether it’s cutting costs, maximizing deductions, or solving financial challenges. Your success is our top priority.

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Save more, worry less, and prosper

Go beyond basic bookkeeping to level up your business

Whether you’re looking for Accounting Services, Tax Prep support, or Tax Resolution Specialists, our experts are here to help. Don’t let financial uncertainty hold back your business. Ask for a free business accounting consultation with us today.

An Impressionistic Sketch of What a Meeting May Look Like With Stambaugh Tax Law, Designed to Convey the Complexity of Problems That Can Be Handled by the Accounting Firm.

Your Everyday Accounting Experts

So, Why Choose Stambaugh Tax Law & Accounting?

At our family-owned firm based in Lancaster, PA, we bring decades of experience to the table, offering comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Partner with us, and together, we’ll navigate your financial journey, ensuring clarity, confidence, and success.

Charles Allen Stambaugh, III, an attorney at Stambaugh Tax Law and Accounting serving Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg, PA
Allen Stambaugh, a PA registered CPA from Stambaugh Tax Law & Accounting, serving Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg, PA
Stella Saxinger, an accountant at Stambaugh Tax Law & Accounting, serving Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg, PA
Nikki Fernandez, office administrator at Stambaugh Tax Law & Accounting, serving Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg, PA

What Clients Are Saying About Stambaugh

"By far the easiest, stress-free experience I've had in doing my taxes! Allen was incredibly helpful in explaining my taxes, answering all the questions I asked him, and gave me suggestions for next year's taxes. I will definitely be coming back next year!"
Brandon Schmidt
"Knowledgeable, professional and personalized service for individuals and businesses. I've been a client for years and have been consistently impressed with the extra mile they go to help me succeed."
Wes Moss
"This was our first time using a tax filing service. Allen and staff were professional, efficient and timely. Explanations of our returns were through and understandable in our face-to-face meeting. Advice on giving strategies for the future were welcome. We’re happy customers!"
Bill Stine

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Stambaugh Has Your Back. 

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