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What is the IRS “Offer in Compromise?”

The “Offer in Compromise” program offered by the IRS is designed to help those facing financial hardship move past the burden of tax debt.  The program allows tax debt to […]

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Tax Liens and Civil Judgments Will No Longer Affect Your Credit Score

As of July 1st, 2017, tax liens and civil judgments will no longer affect your credit score.  The three most influential credit reporting companies – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax – […]

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What Should I do If My Business is Audited?

The IRS audits only a small percentage of tax returns, but if your business is one of the unlucky few, understanding the appropriate steps to take will help determine whether […]

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IRS Will Now Use Collection Agencies to Collect Delinquent Taxes

A Bill passed by Congress in December of 2015 requires the IRS to use collection agencies to collect delinquent taxes.  The IRS intends to begin using the collection agencies sometime […]

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Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program Explained

On July 13, 2016, Pennsylvania signed into law Tax Act 84 of 2016.  One very important piece of the bill states Pennsylvania will institute a period of Tax Amnesty during […]

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