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How Are Trusts Taxed?

A trust can be a powerful estate-planning tool, but contrary to popular belief, trusts do not make all taxes disappear. The families who set them up still need to consider […]

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Should You Make Your Accounts Payable-On-Death?

Payable-on-death accounts are a designated so that, upon the owner’s death, the money remaining in the account passes directly to a named beneficiary. These accounts offer an easy way to […]

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Portability and Sharing the Estate Tax Deduction

Portability as it relates to estate taxes is quite a simple concept. It means that if one spouse of a married couple doesn’t use up the entirety of the federal […]

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How To Be an Executor

An executor of a will carries out the last wishes of someone close who has died. The executor ensures that the rules that govern the administration of a probate estate […]

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Estate Planning

How Can Life Insurance Trusts Aid Your Estate?

An irrevocable life insurance trust gives you more control over your insurance policies and the money that’s paid from them. It also lets you reduce or even eliminate estate taxes […]

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How to Protect Your Estate From an Ex

Few things are more emotionally trying than going through a divorce. Once you arrive at a settlement agreement, you feel some relief that you can move on with your separate […]

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Consider Digital Assets in Estate Planning

As we increase our online presence and digital assets with banking, shopping and sharing information, the personal, professional and financial aspects of our lives are leaving a digital thumbprint that […]

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How to Leave a House to Heirs

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. You are clear about whom you want to end up with it when you die. If you’re a parent, you want your […]

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Learn the Estate Planning Angle for 529 Plans

Looking for ways to avoid paying estate taxes and also benefit your grandchildren?  One way to do so is to contribute to a Section 529 college savings plan on behalf […]

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What Dead Celebrities Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

You may want to live like a celebrity, but you shouldn’t die like some famous people who left a mess for their heirs. Dying Intestate You’d think that the rich […]

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Living Wills: Everybody Should Have One

Simply stated, a living will specifies your wishes regarding life support in the event that you cannot communicate your end-of-life wishes. It comes into effect only if you are in a […]

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