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Hobby vs. Business: Where Do You Draw the Line?

What’s in a word? A world of tax consequences when the word is “business” or “hobby.” In a nutshell: If you and the IRS determine that an activity is a […]

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Tips for Effectively Using Social Media for Your Business

A virtual sales team. That’s what happens when you allow your customers to recommend your products and services. The more fans you create, the more likes you motivate, the more […]

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Partnership Taxation: Know the Rules

Partnerships are considered pass-through entities by the IRS — they are not separate from their owners. All profits and losses pass through the business to the partners; each pays taxes […]

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Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees and the Consequences for Overtime

Whether you own your own business or you work for someone else, the rules regarding who can be salaried have a profound impact on you. You must decide whether all […]

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What’s the Best Payday Frequency?

If you own a small business, you need to consider how often you will pay your employees. That’s one of the first things a new hire will ask. While different […]

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Do You Have What You Need to Secure a Business Loan?

Gathering documents before applying for a small loan can seem like a daunting ordeal. Just tackle them one by one. You’ll need to locate the following basic documents to secure […]

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